About Me

Welcome to TC4N! My name is William Kaizen. I am an independent scholar, writer and curator with a Ph.D. in Art History from Columbia University. My research addresses the relationship between visual art, electronic media and grassroots politics. I have written books on early video art and the Atari 2600 video game Adventure. My current work focuses on art and public policy. I am the Treasurer of the Amherst Public Art Commission, a former Town Meeting representative for District 3, and a co-founder of DONA, the District One Neighborhood Association.

So I can’t be accused of hiding my biases, here are capsule versions of my opinions on recent, controversial town-related topics:

  • I was in favor, with reservations, of the previous plan to build a new elementary school in Amherst;
  • I was opposed to the new charter; I either wanted more reforms to take place in Town Meeting or a charter that included both a council and a mayor;
  • While I recognize the right to free speech, I am opposed to Political Action Committees at all levels of government, especially at the local level.

In state and national elections I am a registered, life-long Democratic who leans to the left of the party. I discuss these issues further, and lots of other ones, in my posts. Thanks for reading! I can be reached at info@tc4n.com.