About TC4N

Please let me know if you have any comments or thoughts about how I can improve TC4N! To get in touch, you can reach me, William Kaizen, at: info@tm4n.com. I welcome messages from people with any opinion or point of view on town-related issues, including those that differ from my own.

TC4N is an extension of Town Meeting for Noobs, which I began writing after being appointed an Amherst town meeting representative in 2017. I had recently relocated to Amherst from the Boston-area because my wife was teaching at UMass and our oldest child was ready to begin elementary school. Despite the contention surrounding the new building plan, we wanted to put our kids through the exemplary school system in Amherst. We were in favor of the plan, with reservations, and were disappointed when it failed.

Both the failure of the elementary school plan and the national elections led to me run for a seat in Town Meeting. Although I only spent a short time there and immediately recognized its shortcomings, I was sad to see it go. I hope—and expect!—that the new Town Council will do an even better job governing Amherst.

Town Council for Noobs covers the bi-weekly regular Town Council meetings from my point of view as an interested town resident who believes that transparency and openness are two of the most important parts of democratic governance. Town Council has promised to be more accountable to residents than our previous government. My goal is to shine a little light on how it’s running and offer support, ideas and criticism—while learning more about town governance myself! Many issues confront us as a town and much hard work lies ahead. In Amherst, we are all noobs to Town Council! These are one person’s observations from the peanut gallery. Although opinionated, I always strive to be factual and fair. Please email me with any corrections and I will print a mea culpa or retraction.